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The following diagnostic is generating:

California Form 3514, Page 2, lines 18a through 18e need to be completed for tax returns with business income or loss. The business name, business address, and business code must be included at a minimum for electronic filing purposes. A complete U.S. address consisting of street address, city, state, and zip code or Foreign address consisting of at minimum street address and country are required. If the return has multiple businesses, enter the information from the schedule with the largest net profit or loss. Not addressing this diagnostic will result in the return being rejected.


If there should be nothing on California Form 3514, line 18, enter a -1 on Screen 38.2 EIC, Residential Energy, Other Credits, California Earned Income Credit -> Business income or loss [O]. This will remove the form and clear this diagnostic. If there should be something on California Form 3514, line 18, they should make a selection in the field for Form (Ctrl+T) for the type of business activity on screen 38.2. If there is no business activity, but there should be something on line 18, they can fill out the business information in screen 38.2, but the diagnostic will not be resolved. In this case, they will have to Disable EF error to e-file the return. Look for an override in screen 38.2 code 850, remove the override to see if the diag goes away. (mine was a Sch C and since the override was there it was causing an issue, once remove the business code pulled from the Sch C)

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I would like to disable EF error so I can e file the return. I am looking for an override in screen 38.2, where do I enter code 850? I am able to find the screen 38.2 but not sure where to enter code 850 or what is code 850?

Thank you for your reply.