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The following diagnostic is generating:

The sum of the distributive share of additions reported for beneficiaries (column A) and fiduciary (column B) on Step 2 of Form IL-1041 must equal the sum of total additions reported on Step 5 of Schedule K-1-P, and the total additions reported on Step 5 of Schedule K-1-T (pass-thru).


IL E-file Diagnostic Ref. 47664 Introduced to Avoid Reject IL1041-3800-1 Illinois e-file reject Error IL1041-3800-1 is received when the following business rule is not met: The sum of Form IL-1041, Step 2, Line 9a and Form IL-1041, Step 2, Line 9b must be equal to the sum of all occurrences of Schedule K-1-T, Step 5. To resolve this diagnostic: Go to Screen 25, Passthrough K-1's Scroll to the section titled Illinois Share of ILÂ Additions/Subtractions (EF Only) [IL] Add up all additions entered in the Additions subsection for all K-1's Go to Screen 55.071, Illinois Modifications In the field labeled Distributive share of additions, enter the total of all additions from all K-1's

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