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9/18/20 Update

Level 3

I just updated the EasyACCT program and I'm getting the following error message:

When I'm trying to run Payroll Journal I received:

Print Reports

With the error number: 0

Please exit EasyACCT and try again

I am missing the majority of my payrolls now across all of my clients when I try to run a payroll journal. When it does load it has the majority of payroll gone with "unknown employee". I am so frustrated with this program! This has been the worst year for update "glitches" for a program that is as costly as this one. I would expect better programmers from Intuit. 

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Level 2

I also have same problems.


Level 3

I had to wait on hold for solidly an hour to have support "fix" the problems caused by the update. If you download 2019 program again, it will revert the program back to where it was before the update. I still have a glitch on a couple of my clients 941 reports when I tried to print them, but at least my missing payrolls came back and I was able to process the payrolls I needed to run. I expressed my frustration with the stability issues that it seems EasyACCT continues to have, part of it is the original platform that it is built on, which I understand, but this is getting bad. And the price increases by solidly $300 each year for the last 2 years especially, it's ridicuous! This will be the last year I pay for this amount of money for a program this unstable. Intuit has priced this program out of the market, as it is doing with their tax program. I HATE Quickbooks and am looking at Drake's accounting and payroll program, or possibly using a stand alone payroll like Check Mark. If you've researched alternatives, I'd love some feedback. 

Try the download "fix" I hope it works for you! 

Level 1

I am also having these problems.

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Level 3

We've looked into it too and good luck.  Every other program out there that does everything you need it to do is just as expensive if not more. Thompson Reuters quoted us $15k for their original setup and training and then about $3k a year after that because they charge per employee check written. Once we stopped laughing we quickly crossed them off.   Drake is about the same price as EasyAcct but the reports are no where near as customizable, don't carry YTD and QTD totals without running that specific period, and doesn't support multiple wage rates very well.  The after the fact payroll and general journal entries are also much more clunky (though I'm sure you'd eventually get used to it).  We've gotten quotes and trial versions of most everything we can find and just keep coming back to maybe we stay with EasyAcct and hope they get it together.  The only other option that does everything we need it to do and is reasonable is Quickbooks and we do not want to deal with that either.  And since that's also an intuit program who's to say they won't have similar issues. 

Level 1

It does not even let me download... In registry editor, I attempted to delete file named "Pendind file"  however, data start with\⁇\ seems preventing me to downlad... 
What does this cause?

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Level 1

My payroll is gone and I have all these marks and letters everywhere.  

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