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2020 Information Return System updates

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How do I find out when an update of Information Return System is released? Our applications are installed in a cloud environment and updates are processed by our cloud provider, so I don't have sufficient permissions to go to System / Update via Internet and see if anything is out there.

Is there an email list to which I can subscribe to be notified when an update is available? Is there a pre-determined schedule and if so, can someone provide a link for me? 



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Here: https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/product-delivery/help/easyacct-release-dates/00/105596


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Thanks for the link. However, it is not comprehensive. I wonder whether these dates only apply to EasyACCT and not to Information Return System. If they do apply to Information Return System, they don't address incremental updates.

For example, my firm is currently on 2020.1.01, which is the original release from November. Someone in another thread (can't find it at the moment) said they were on a version that was released 12/1/20. I think that one may have been 2020.1.02. Yet another thread has someone on 2020.1.3. They don't say when that version was released. None of these versions are addressed in the schedule at your link.

Most software companies will send you an email when a new version is available. It's very frustrating that this one doesn't (or if they do, I haven't been able to get on the email list). It appears our only recourse is to randomly submit tickets to our cloud provider to see if an update is available, which will waste both my time and theirs if nothing is available.


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Obviously these release dates must be tentative.  We haven't received the 1/7/2021 update.  When can we expect the 1/7/2021 release? This message is meant for Intuit.  

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