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Form 5227

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Form 5227


Just thought I would throw that one out for posterity.  That form was requested for ProSeries since about 1920 and it is 2020 and we still don't have it.  Of course, ProSeries outlasted most of my clients that needed it --------------------- they died without seeing the form, but hey, I'm not going to forget about the form just because of deceased clients.  The form request had oodles and poodles of folks asking for it on the old forum, so let's keep that dream alive.

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The form requires schedules from various form sets (1040, 1041, etc.) which makes it the perfect form for a tax software package.  Just think of the mileage ProSeries would get out of it in the eyes of the practitioners.

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Google says Form 5227 CAN NOT be filed electronically- so gues would have to be a pd attachement to efiled return- hard  to complain about a form not being in tax prep program that IES does allow to be efiled-  

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