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Joint tax return correctly split into two MFS

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Joint tax return correctly split into two MFS


ANY MFJ into MFS split problems? 2018 MFJ tax return split into two MFS returns.  Problem? Wages for TP duplicated into spouse MFS return.  Verified total wages in MFJ before splitting.  Should NOT have to (time wasting)  add multiple W-2s and set out both returns to verify that total for TWO is the same as the original MFJ before split. Learned of this when client brought IRS notice in.  Will correct by amending returns and profusely apologizing to client.  Trusted the software once again!  This is yet another concern of uncertainty of software...and I have located and corrected other odd problems in the software each and every year. Likely will lose this well-paying client (of many years'). 😞

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You posted for Community Suggestions. It isn't clear which program you are using, because this would be forum suggestions.


If you identify which program you are using, perhaps @Just-Lisa-Now- would be kind enough to move your topic to the right section.

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The biggest problem we have seen with split in Lacerte is probably DCB exclusion because Intuit misunderstood the application before but I recall that had already been fixed.

Having the totals being equal on the MFS returns vis-a-vis MFJ doesn't mean a thing.  The MFS returns could be grossly incorrect depending on (1) how you have coded T/S/J for each item and (2) whether those spouses are domiciled in community property states.

The key is to code T/S/J correctly (because that's what drives the split), check the MFJ vs MFS comparison carefully (which is always the first step for optimization), and cross-check the MFS returns after the split.

"Learned of this when client brought IRS notice in. Will correct by amending returns and profusely apologizing to client. Trusted the software once again!"

It is each tax professional's responsibility to review the return and sign off on its completeness and accuracy - that's in Circular 230.  If there's a mistake I didn't catch, first and foremost, that's my fault.  The last I checked, faulty tax logic in the tax software doesn't count reasonable cause.  If that mistake was caused by a bug, you have every right to expect a fix but, to me, that's a separate issue.

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"....Wages for TP duplicated into spouse MFS return"

And you didn't notice?  


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Youre sure all the W2s were all assigned to the correct persons in the MFJ return?

I dont recall seeing other complaints about wages flowing over incorrectly to each person.

(Im in Community Property state, so I do very few of these, since they rarely work out best for both parties.  Its certainly messy splitting MFJ to MFS in a CP state using ProSeries.)

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