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How to: Use Idea Exchange-Getting Started Guide

Intuit Alumni

[Updated 12/14/23] 

Do you have ideas?  We want to hear them!

You can share ideas or feedback about our product or community by submitting ideas in our Idea Exchange.

How does it work?

It’s simple! 

  1. You have a great idea on how to improve your software or the community.
  2. You submit your idea on the Idea Exchange board applicable to you.
  3. Fellow community contributors will vote or comment on your idea. 
  4. The Community Management and product development teams will review and make appropriate updates on your idea, either moving the idea forward or rejecting it.

Are there any best practices to submitting ideas?

There sure are! 

  1. Be descriptive! Use as many words as you need to to tell your story. 
  2. Stick to the subject. Make sure your idea is relevant to how to improve community. Ideas about improving one of our tax softwares may not receive any action since this idea exchange is about community. 
  3. Engage in thoughtful discussion with other community members. Not everyone may understand your idea at first, be ready and willing to have thoughtful conversations about your idea with others. 


How does my idea reach Intuit? 

We consider an idea popular once it reaches 50 votes. All ideas with 50+ votes are shared with our product teams. Ideas below 50 votes may be reviewed at Intuit’s sole discretion.


What do the statuses mean? 

  • New - This idea is new and has had no attention from the community/development teams.
  • Open for Voting - This idea has been reviewed and is no longer considered "New". Make sure to share your idea to others; the more votes it has, the more likely it is to be reviewed by our development team. 
  • Needs more information - The community/development team is interested in this idea, but we need more information.
  • Under review - The community/development team is interested in this idea and we’re currently exploring the logistics of implementing this idea.
  • Accepted - This idea has been accepted by the community/development team and we are working with development to implement this idea in community/the product.
  • Closed - This idea is not considered an enhancement and we will not be moving forward with this idea.
  • Phased roll-out: Implemented This idea is continually being improved upon.
  • Implemented - This idea was submitted by a community member and approved! This idea has been implemented in the community/the product.

Where can I submit my ideas?

We have idea exchange boards for the following: 



Where did my idea go?

Ideas will be archived after 3 years if it does not receive more than 50 votes.

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