Tips and Tricks for ProConnect™ Tax Online to Save You Time

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Here are two time-saving tips to help improve your efficiency and workflow with Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online:

Tip #1: Tax Online E-File Help Center – a Real Hidden Treasure

E-file season for tax year 2016 has already begun, and ProConnect Tax Online has created a substantial amount of information, pertinent to e-file, to assist with e-file related questions in the E-File Help Center. This resource is available by accessing ProConnect Tax Online and is available 24/7. While our Support team may not always be available when you need help, the answer to your question may be only a few clicks away in the E-File Help Center.

We’ve included a “Getting Started” link to obtain an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), important 2016 e-filing dates, e-file resource links such as the IRS Where’s My Refund or IRS QuickAlerts, and frequently asked e-file questions and videos.

To access the E-File Help Center, click the question mark (?) to the right of your firm name. This is the help menu for ProConnect Tax Online.

When the drop down window appears, select E-File Help Center.

The E-File Help Center has two main areas, which we will review: View Delayed Acknowledgements and the View EF Atlas Map.

Delayed Acknowledgements

View Delayed Acknowledgements is helpful in tracking the status of tax returns with acknowledgements that are not updating. Once returns have been e-filed, the Viewed Delayed Acknowledgment tool lists returns, categorized by federal and state, that the taxing authorized have designated as experience processing delays.

Please note, the term “delayed acknowledgement” is used to define a return that has been e-filed and the status of the return hasn’t been updated in three business days.

If you click “View Delayed Acknowledgments,” you will see three tasks, as pictured below:

Step 1 – updates the status for all e-filed tax returns.

Step 2 – provides the latest delayed acknowledgement status.

Step 3 – gives you additional information to resolve e-file rejections.

Let’s check for delayed acknowledgements by clicking Step 2. You will see that the AckTrack listing appears.


The AckTrack is automatically updated, as taxing authorities advise Intuit of processing delays that have occurred after three business days. The report is organized by date, return type (business/individual), notes with latest information and filing date of the tax return. 

As a reminder, most states do not process tax returns over the weekends or holiday, due to budget constraints.

View EF Atlas Map

This is a great section with a huge amount of helpful information that can be used prior to e-filing your tax return to ensure compliance with federal or state e-file requirements.

You can directly reach the Tax Online EF Atlas and learn more about the tools and information at your disposal.

Federal e-file information is displayed below:


You can directly access federal e-file information.

California e-file information is displayed below:


You can directly access California e-file information.

The E-File Help Center is a hidden treasure trove of information that is related to the e-file cycle, from start to finish. Since the e-file season is long and late hours are often required, using this tool can help resolve many of your common questions – and difficult questions – at any hour of the day or night. The majority of questions that reach the ProConnect Tax Online support team can be answered in the E-File Help Center. Check it out, and let us know in the comments below if this works for you and how we can improve it to make your e-file season less stressful.

Tip #2: K-1 Import

The K-1 import feature is a true time saver that eliminates the need to manually enter pass-through (K-1) information, entered into ProConnect Tax Online for a partnership, S-corporation or a fiduciary.

This feature is only available with the Professional upgrade. The K-1 information can be imported into the individual (1040) return for the appropriate business entity. The K-1 Import can be found by clicking into partnership, S-corporation or fiduciary pass-through screens, and then clicking K-1 Import.


Check out this detailed article that provides step-by-step instructions with screen captures on completing the K-1 import process.

The ProConnect Tax Online Support team is here to help with any program/e-file related issues you may encounter during this tax season. Find out more about ProConnect Tax Online support hours, which increase as tax season progresses.

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