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ProConnect: Our Desktop & Cloud Strategy

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Customers often ask us about our plans to deliver tax preparation solutions in the future, and whether it will be on the desktop or the cloud. The answer is both!

At Intuit® ProConnect™, we believe in the power of choice. Every firm is different – different types of clients with different needs and expectations, and more importantly, our customers have distinct preferences. Whether customers choose a desktop or an online solution, our focus is on providing them with the best option to meet their needs.

Desktop tax solutions, such as Intuit ProConnect Lacerte® and ProSeries®, will stay for the foreseeable future because so many of our customers value the time savings and ease of use they deliver. And, we will continue to invest in our desktop products, creating even more value in the jobs they perform.

While many of our customers choose desktop, others choose ProConnect Tax Online because of the benefits it delivers, including multi-device access, improved collaboration, and a more seamless data flow between QuickBooks® client accounting and tax prep (QuickBooks Online Accountant and tax). This all adds up to additional time savings.

“Desktop or cloud” is not an either/or scenario. We see many firms that choose to optimize key elements of their workflow with online solutions. A central part of our product strategy is to enhance the desktop experience by connecting it to online services that save time. Examples include connection to our Intuit ProConnect Link tool to offer improved accountant/client document sharing and collaboration, as well as eSignature capabilities to help you secure client signatures on tax returns in a matter of seconds.

Regardless of the way you choose to complete tax returns for your clients, we want to help you do that as efficiently as possible so that you can stay focused on building your relationships.

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