tax practice in the cloud
tax practice in the cloud

Benefits of the cloud for tax professionals

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Many tax accountants are already using the cloud in some shape or form, be in through cloud document storage and management, or using QuickBooks® Online Accountant to offer cloud accounting for business clients. Whether you’re using cloud professional tax products, accounting storage, practice management, document management or perhaps all of these, there are many benefits to using cloud tax software that our internal experts and customers have written about.

Check out these Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Pro Center articles to learn more about how the cloud can benefit your practice, and why it’s especially important to transition from desktop or hosted to the cloud if you are going beyond tax preparation to serve as a trusted advisor to your clients.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Moving Your Tax Firm to the Cloud by Robbie Randall

Get an overview of the many benefits of cloud technology, from collaboration internally and with clients, to a more efficient workflow. As a trusted advisor, you can benefit from the ability to glean real-time insights and share them with your clients.

Cloud vs. Desktop: What Does the Choice Mean for Security? by Christopher Denton

Learn why there are often some strong advantages to using the cloud when it comes to security compared to all the minutia surrounding a comprehensive security program that you manage for your own office when using desktop software.

6 Reasons Why the Cloud Can Improve Your Practice Management by Jeff Wilson II, CPA/PFS, CGMA, CFE, AFC

Learn how you can improve your firm’s practice management, efficiency and maybe even profitability by moving to the cloud.

How Staffing is Easier in the Cloud by Susan Tinel, EA

Read why, from first contact to online interview, staffing your tax and accounting practice may be easier in the cloud.

How Cloud Tax and Accounting Makes Tax Season a Breeze by Kessla Sloan

Find out how tax and accounting firm SKYsmb uses Intuit ProConnect Tax Online, QuickBooks Online Accountant and Intuit Link to improve collaboration and help its clients.

From ensuring closer collaboration with and providing real-time insights to your small business clients, to helping protect your client’s data, the cloud can help you be a stronger and more proactive advisor to your clients.

Ready to take the next step and explore the benefits of the cloud for your own firm? Find out more about Intuit’s cloud software, including ProConnect Tax Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant.

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