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Looking for a pun time? Check out the humor of accountant Justin Miller

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When we picture a financial expert and law professor, the last thing most of us see is someone who has a great sense of humor. Breaking that stereotype is Justin Miller, a national wealth strategist at BYN Mellow and an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University of Law.  

Phrases like “All joking aside” and “No pun intended” are not in his vocabulary. Why, might you ask? Well, his Twitter description of himself is literally “Bad tax jokes and even worse puns.” 

In a time where many of our lives – and the world around us – is anything but the norm of previous tax seasons, laughter might be just what we need. After all, it’s good for the soul. 

So, before your hamburger names its baby, Patty, here is a handful of Justin’s puniest puns:

  • You’re like an account receivable to me – outstanding.
  • You’re audit I need and more.
  • I work with numbers for a living, how about you give me yours?
  • If any of your clients ever try to deduct a hair transplant, you might want to advise them to brush up on the tax rules, cut the nonsense, quit trying to shave taxes, trim the deduction, and avoid a tangle with the IRS over such a hairy issue.

Can’t get enough of Justin’s wit? Soul searching for the perfect joke suitor? Find him on Twitter. And, if you’re inclined to offer your own puns and clever jokes, leave a comment below to share them with other tax professionals.

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