The Intuit® Tax and Financial Center is “Talking Tax!”

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Do you ever wonder what experts in tax policy and tax administration are thinking on current topics in tax? Now you can hear from these experts directly and get involved in the dialogue.

The Intuit® Tax and Financial Center has a new and ongoing series of short video interviews with experts in tax policy and tax administration. This video series, “Talking Tax,” features leaders with diverse experience and backgrounds discussing topics including cyber-fraud, taxes and the self-employed, saving at tax time, and more.

Check out the “Talking Tax” video series to learn more and get involved in the dialogue! Here are a few suggestions to check out:

  • David Camp, Former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (2011-2015), discusses tax reform.
  • Former Senator Jim Talent discusses the risks cyber fraud present to small businesses, and encourages tax policy to focus on making tax returns as safe and secure as possible.
  • Marty Sullivan, chief economist at Tax Analysts, discusses growth in the sharing economy and the tax and compliance challenges these businesses face.
  • Former Senator Bob Kerrey discusses his views on challenges to retirement savings, and presents ideas on alleviating savings hurdles for future generations.
  • Elaine Maag from the Tax Policy Center, Elizabeth Perters from the Urban Institute, and Francesca Jean Baptiste from Maryland CASH campaign discuss how millions of low-income and moderate-income taxpayers struggle with the complexities of the tax code.
David Williams
David Williams

Written by David Williams

David Williams, chief tax officer at Intuit and executive director of the Intuit Tax and Financial Center, is charged with helping lead and drive growth in Intuit’s tax businesses, shape strategies, engage with external stakeholders and partners, and support industry initiatives.

Prior to joining Intuit, David had a long career in tax policy and tax administration on Capitol Hill and at the IRS. He served as a U.S. Senate staffer working primarily on tax issues for the Senate Budget Committee and for Senator Bill Bradley. At the IRS he held a number of positions, including Chief Communications Officer, Director of the Earned Income Tax Credit Office, Director of Electronic Tax Administration and Director of the Return Preparer Office. More from David Williams

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