7 reasons to hire new graduates in your firm
7 reasons to hire new graduates in your firm Vertical

7 reasons to hire new graduates in your firm

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As a tax and accounting professional, managing a firm during tax season is challenging enough; now imagine adding a graduate program in taxation to the mix. This was my reality, and while it’s been a demanding journey, it has also been incredibly rewarding.

Embarking on this dual path wasn’t a decision made lightly. The idea was born from a desire to deepen my expertise in taxation to better serve my clients and enhance the value I bring to my firm. However, balancing these demanding roles was far from easy. Late nights, early mornings, and meticulous time management became the norm.

Engaging with classmates and industry professionals in the last two years has provided invaluable insights into the realities and challenges new graduates face when starting their accounting careers. Through these interactions, I identified seven reasons you should hire them into your firm..

Reason 1: They offer a fresh perspective

New graduates bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that can help drive change and improvement in a firm. They are often up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices learned during their studies.

Reason 2: They know technology

Graduates are typically well-versed in the latest accounting software and technologies, which can enhance efficiency and productivity. Their familiarity with digital tools can also support the firm’s transition to more advanced, tech-driven processes.

Reason 3: They can quickly adapt

New graduates are often highly adaptable and eager to learn. Their ability to quickly assimilate new information and adjust to different work environments can be a valuable asset to any firm.

Reason 4: You’re investing for the long-term

Bringing in recent graduates provides an opportunity to mold and develop future leaders in the firm. By investing in their training and professional growth, firms can build a loyal and skilled workforce that contributes to your long-term success.

Reason 5: They are committed to learning

Graduates are most recently accustomed to the academic environment, so they are committed to continuous learning and professional development. As they stay current with industry changes, their dedication to acquiring new knowledge and skills can benefit your firm.

Reason 6: New grads offer strong research skills

While they may not be ready to prepare the most complex tax returns right away, new graduates are excellent researchers. During their courses, they developed and used advanced research techniques that can be invaluable for supporting complex projects, and staying informed on the latest regulations and standards.

Reason 7: You can help shape their careers

It’s important to consider that the experiences of new graduates in their first roles can significantly influence whether they choose to continue in tax and accounting. Providing a supportive, engaging, and balanced work environment can help retain talented individuals and ensure their long-term commitment to the profession.

By sharing my journey, I hope to inspire, and equip fellow tax and accounting professionals with the mindset needed to balance academic pursuits with professional responsibilities. Together, we can foster a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

Congratulations Class of 2024! You did it!

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