Favorite podcasts for tax and accounting professionals

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AccounTrends-TPC-art_FINALWith the Intuit® Accountants AccounTrends podcast continuing to feature well-known tax and accounting experts, we surveyed several of the Intuit Tax Council for their recommendations on their favorite podcasts.

Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFEPowerful Accounting:

  1. ‘Appy Hour. I have always thought the world of Heather and Liz. They have the ability to break down an app for the audience and allow for the listeners to get the “real deal” about the app. There are so many apps to choose from and with this podcast, listeners can learn so much, and make an educated decision for their tech stack additions.
  2. QB Power Hour. Michelle and Dan have done an amazing job helping listeners keep up with all-things QuickBooks®, including the apps that integrate with it. Their many years of knowledge and their passion to teach comes through during this podcast.
  3. Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. I would be remiss if I didn’t list this podcast as a favorite. Mike and Ron are two very giving humans who have a passion around helping accounting firms grow their practice. Their abundance of knowledge and experience allow for listeners to hear topics such as pricing, marketing, and simple business best practices.
  4. The Tax Rep Network Podcast. This is probably the most important podcast for me and my practice. Eric Green has been instrumental in my growth as an IRS Rep Practitioner. His knowledge is unmatched and his content relevant and timely. This podcast has been critical to my growth in the niche I am so very passionate about.

John Jordan, CPA PA:

  1. AICPA Small Firm Philosophy. This podcast is more relevant and relatable than most podcasts because it only focuses on small firms. The host, Brad Barber, is a CPA who has practiced in public accounting—so he understands how firms work, This allows the questions and issues to be discussed in more detail with guests, thus making the podcast more relatable to small firm owners. Plus, Brad has a sense of humor that all accounting podcasts need.
  2. Growing Your Firm. Sponsored by Jetpack Workflow, this podcast provides great information on accounting firms. The shows cover a verity of subjects; some of my favorites have been on pricing, software, workflow, and industry topics such as real estate.

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One response to “Favorite podcasts for tax and accounting professionals”

  1. I would add these podcasts to this list:
    The Federal Tax Update
    Tax Notes Talk
    Talking Tax
    The TaxGirl