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What is your learning style and how do you like to learn? Whether you prefer in-person or virtual conferences and webinars, online sessions, podcasts, or any other form of education, we all learn differently. I asked members of the Intuit Tax Council for feedback on how they preferred to learn. Here are their responses.

Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, CFEPowerful Accounting: I definitely learn best through video or in-person learning. I am not a big “read and remember” person. When I studied for the CPA exam and used Becker Review, I could have just watched the videos at my house because they came on a disk. Instead, I chose to go to the Connecticut Society of CPAs office to watch the videos with the other candidates. I knew I had to be in a classroom setting, since trying to watch at home with young kids was not doable. I knew I had to have 100% focus in order to pass; just reading the book and highlighting various parts wasn’t enough for me.

Diana Crawford, CPACrawford, Merritt & Company: I am a research junkie, so I read articles and CPE courses on any subject that interests me. If I can hear it through, all the better. I love in-person learning to hear what is being taught and have the ability to ask questions. When in-person isn’t an option, podcasts and recorded webinars are my go-to for learning.

Al-Nesha Jones, CPA, MBAASE Group: I’m an experiential learner. I like to watch someone move through a workflow, then take notes and ask questions. I learn really well when I see a process firsthand with examples and jot down my thoughts, ideally in my own handwriting, although I do it electronically a lot more these days. Then, I want to try it myself using my notes and come back with any questions to fill in the gaps. This is my favorite way to learn; I can start visualizing ways to improve or streamline it.

John D. Jordan, CPA PA: I am a visual and auditory learner, so watching how a process is preformed or listening to a discussion about a topic is the best way for me to learn and remember content. I use webinars and in-person training for educational training, and as a firm, we use and record online video training for staff when teaching software and processes and cannot meet in person. The visual and auditory learner is a particularly challenging leaning style for accountants; so much of our content has traditionally been taught through the a “read and write” learning style, but there has been significant improvements in this area with improvements in technology.

Kristen S. Keats, CPASherwood Tax & Accounting: I am a doer, so I can listen and read, but to really comprehend something, I like to work hands-on, if possible, for whatever the task is that I am learning. If it is something that is just for knowledge, I think video is a great medium because it keeps my attention more than just reading text. I also like listening to podcasts while I’m walking or driving; I absorb knowledge that way, too.

Tatiana TsoirLinza Advisors: I learn in hybrid audio and visual, preferable at the same time. I do not do well with lots of text on screen. It needs to be more bullet-pointy because my brain doesn’t process lots of text in the background. It also has to be bite-sized info straight to the point. I don’t do well with generic filler stuff. In addition, I learn best over time with smaller pieces of content, but consistently. I want to have a transcript of the video to follow along, and want to hands-on experience if possible.

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