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Goodbye hourly billing, hello value pricing!

The work you do changes your clients’ financial lives for the better; your advice and guidance is invaluable – and you deserve to get paid for it. At the same time, clients don’t want to have to worry about a sixth-of-an-hour charge for a harmless email or a phone call racking up their bill. And, with you by their side as their trusted advisor, they not only deserve your expertise on how they can improve their business, but they also need important information on their company’s financial health.

You can provide all this and more in a fair and transparent package that will take the relationship with your clients to the next level. To get started, here are some great resources to help you take the plunge into value pricing:

How to Become a Firm of the Future, by Jim McGinnis, Vice President, Intuit Accountant and Advisor Group.

Who is in Charge of Value, by Ron Baker, Founder, VeraSage Institute. Also, check out Ron’s 4-part value pricing series of videos below

Part 1: Firm of the Future

Part 2: Having the Value Conversation

Part 3: Pricing the Customer, Not the Services

Part 4: Fixed Price Agreements

Value Pricing Benefits through the eyes of Intuit accounting professionals

The 10 Steps to Value Pricing from the Firm of the Future webinar series

Value Pricing: How to Create Bundled Packages and Set Your Initial Price by Ian Vacin, co-founder and vice president of product marketing, Karbon. Also, check out Ian’s video on The Value Conversation:

Goodbye Timesheets … Hello Value Pricing, by Marnie Stretch, Certified Professional Bookkeeper

These resources are just some of the great tools that illustrate why and how value pricing is the path toward being a Firm of the Future. With the value you provide and the service your clients deserve, value pricing is a win-win for both you and the client. Take the dive and never look back!

Bryan Cytron
Bryan Cytron

Written by Bryan Cytron

Bryan Cytron is vice president of Cytron and Company. He helps businesses and firms tell their story, build their brand, and grow through top-notch PR, marketing, media relations and communications. This includes websites, blogs, newsletters, social media and more, with a niche in accounting and financial services. More from Bryan Cytron

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