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EasyACCT running slow or locks up

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 1 month ago

If EasyACCT is slow to respond, especially when moving between screens or posting, review the suggestions below to improve performance. Make sure to consult with an IT professional for assistance when necessary.

Recommendations in EasyACCT

  • If you're using Automatic Posting, disable it for the affected modules.
    • Go to the Company Wizard, then select Automatic Posting Options and deselect the modules.
    • Printing a G/L Distribution Report will be necessary to post.
  • Test the speed of activity by using the AAA Sample Office Supply Corporation001 from the C:\EASYW\SAMPLE data folder as a comparison.
  • If another program is known to cause EasyACCT performance issues, close that program before running EasyACCT.
  • To access EasyACCT data effectively, all users must have Power User rights or above. Check your permissions on the shared data folder (these might have to be set by the Network Administrator or IT professional).

Antivirus software and firewalls

  • Disable antivirus software to test if speed and performance improves.
    • Make sure antivirus programs aren't running simultaneously on both the workstation and the server
    • Avoid scanning the same data at the same time; set one to scan manually only.
  • Disable firewalls (Windows, antivirus software, or router) to test the speed and performance.

Network and hardware

  • Delete temporary files, temporary internet files and cookies:
    1. Go to the Start menu, scroll through the program list, and select Windows Administrative Tools, followed by Disk Cleanup.
    2. Select Temporary Internet FilesRecycle Bin, and Temporary files.
    3. Select OK to delete the files.
  • Reboot the workstation and server.
  • Use best practices for data paths and folder names:
    • Shorten long data paths by limiting the size of folder and subfolder names.
    • Remove spaces and characters in the data path.
    • The current data path must begin with a drive letter.
    • UNC paths aren't sufficient in EasyACCT (any path that starts with a \ must be mapped to a drive letter).
    • For related information on path mapping, see here.
  • If the data is on a network drive, copy the company to the C: drive to test the speed. If the data runs faster on the workstation, there's a connection issue.
  • Make sure server maintenance processes are set to run in the off-hours, including backing up of EasyACCT data files.
  • Disable any mirrored image or mirrored file services.
  • Defragment the hard drive to optimize performance. Defragmenting requires 15% free space on the hard drive, so you might need to remove files and programs that are no longer needed until it can run.
    1. Go to Start then scroll through programs to Windows Administrative Tools.
    2. Select Defragment and Optimize Drives then Optimize.
  • Remove unnecessary programs at startup to free up system resources. To do this, use the Windows tool MSCONFIG to disable automatic startup of programs in the startup folder.

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