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Understanding User Access for ProConnect Tax

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User Access is a $99 fee per user that allows you access to certain functionality within ProConnect Tax. User Access will be available for purchase starting April 25, 2024. That said, you will still have access to the product and all its functionality until December 31, 2024. Starting January 1, 2025, you will need an active User Access in order to access ProConnect Tax’s full functionality.

What's included:

User Access is required to access the following features and functionality:

  • Intuit Tax Advisor A person in a pink shirt is looking at a pink and black kite.
  • E-file and print returns
  • Notices and transcripts
  • Tax planner print function
  • Intuit Link
  • Schedule K–1 delivery
  • Reporting
What can a Standard User access?What can an Advanced user access?
Return data entry
K-1 import 
Deprecation import
Features within the Tax Hub based on role
Schedule D import
Drag-and-drop import
Import from Google Drive and Dropbox
eSignature (sold separately)
Missing Data flags
Jump to Input
Customize tax return statuses
Print settings
Task Accelerators
Client letters
Transfer prior year data
Keyboard shortcuts
QBOA Integration
Link client activity dashboard view-only
And more…

All the features a Standard user has plus… 
E-file and print return permission for selected users. 
Intuit Link access to client portal on Dashboard and in return.
K-1 delivery - Send K-1 packages directly to business partners or shareholders from ProConnect.
IRS Transcripts - Access client data directly from the IRS, ensuring accuracy and saving time.
Reporting - Grow your firm with full insights into its performance.
Tax planner print function - Optimize clients' tax liabilities with projections and analysis of various tax scenarios
Access to Intuit Tax Advisor - Create custom tax plans in minutes and show clients valuable savings all by using tax strategies automatically generated.

Common questions

Why is Intuit adding User Access?User access is the collection of calendar year services that support your ProConnect Tax program.

ProConnect is now moving to a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, which allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. 
In the past, we had multiple service periods to support Individual e-file, Business e-file, Intuit Tax Advisor and various other connected services. 

In 2025, we have consolidated the various service periods, for all the open years, into a single service item, to provide you with access to valuable ProConnect Tax services, all in the cloud.
When does it go into effect?User Access will be available for purchase starting April 25th, 2024. So when you renew for Tax Year 2024, User Access will have to purchase at least firm member.

However, same as your current process, your payment method (e.g. credit card) won't get charged for your returns or User Access until January, 2025. You will also be able to use ProConnect Tax throughout 2024 without any restrictions.
Does my User Access expire?Yes, your user access will expire at the end of the calendar year after the tax year is completed.

For example, your User Access to complete Tax year 2024 returns will expire on December 31st 2025.
How long does User Access allow me access to the product? 
Your User Access is based on the calendar year, so you can access the product until December 31.

For example, when you renew for Tax Year 2024 and pay for the corresponding User Access, you will have all the functionality in the product until December 31, 2025.
Will users without User Access still be able to access returns
Users who don't have User Access will still have access to return creation, editing, and viewing.
Do all the members of my firm need a User Access?Not necessarily.

Only users in your firm who need access to the below features need access:
E-file tax returns, extensions and other forms
Print tax returns
Notices and transcripts
Intuit Tax Advisor 
Tax planner print function
Link portal invites 
K–1 delivery

For example, if you have employees inputting data and not e-filing, they can still input the data, prepare the return and view the outcome. In order to e-file, or use any of the other services included, User Access is needed.
I run a large practice. Does everyone on my staff need a User Access?You can decide who gets User Access, but the maximum number of users you will pay for is 10.

After 10 users, you will pay a flat fee of $990 for unlimited users.
How do I amend/file/print PY returns?If you have unused Tax Year 2023 returns, you will still be able to print and e-file TY23 returns until December 31, 2026 or the unused balance is depleted for Tax Year 2023, whichever comes first.

If you don't have unused TY23 returns or need to file TY13-22, you will need TY24 or later User Access to e-file or print a return.
When can I start using Intuit Tax Advisor?You can use Intuit Tax Advisor at any time.

For the remainder of 2024, Intuit Tax Advisor will still cost $75 to plan for a single client, however once the ProConnect Tax TY24 is available in January 2025, Intuit Tax Advisor will be available at no additional cost provided you have an active user access license.
What is Intuit Tax Advisor? Intuit Tax Advisor is the only integrated tax advisory tool that allows you to create custom tax plans in minutes and show clients valuable  savings all by using tax strategies automatically generated from your ProConnect Tax.

For more information about Intuit Tax Advisor click here.
What happens if I still have returns available? As long as you have a User Access, you will be able to access those returns.

If you have unused tax year 2023 returns, you will still be able to access and e-file those returns until December 31, 2026 or no balance remains for Tax Year 2023.
Can I change who has User Access to the product?Yes, you can add or remove users throughout the year as you see convenient.

Simply manage your users within your ProConnect Tax settings, and from there you can manage and invite users. You can also re-assign access to different people as you see fit.

For example, if a member of your staff is no longer with you, you can assign that User Access to another staff member at no additional cost.
Can I add additional users throughout the year?Yes, like tax returns, additional users can be added at any point in the year.
Can I downgrade the number of users? Before January 1: your original order, including tax returns, would need to be canceled and a new order placed with the new count of users.
After January 1: only additional users can be added.
Can I change who has access in my firm?Yes, however the original user would need to be inactivated to add another user for the count.
What is included in my return credit?E-filing or printing a select number of returns based on what is purchased.

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