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Using your notification inbox in ProConnect Tax

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

This article will assist you with using your notifications inbox in Intuit ProConnect.

About notifications

  • Notifications display in the order they're received, with the most recent notification at the top of the list.
  • At the top of each notification, you can see when it was sent.
  • Notifications are visually categorized as critical or informational.
  • Critical notifications are marked with an exclamation mark in an orange circle:


  • Informational notifications are marked with a lowercase letter “i” in a blue circle:


  • Notifications are also categorized as unread or read.
    • Unread notifications will have their titles displayed in bold font.
    • Click on a notification with your cursor to expand it and use the “carrot” icon in the upper right corner of the notification to close it. Closing the notification will mark it as read.

To mark all notifications as read

Use this icon at the top of your inbox to select multiple unread notifications:


To bookmark or archive a notification

Use the more icon at the bottom right corner of a notification to show additional options:


  • Mark as unread will revert a notification to unread.
  • Archive a notification you no longer wish to see in the default view.
  • Bookmark adds an orange bookmark for easy reference.

All notifications expire 14 days after they're sent. You won't be able to access expired notifications, even if they're bookmarked or archived.

If you want to save info for later, we recommend you open the view article link for a particular notification and use your web browser to bookmark or favorite that page.

To filter notifications

Use the filter icon at the top of the inbox to filter notifications to see only critical, informational, unread, bookmarked, or archived notifications:


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