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SOLVEDby Intuit295Updated February 19, 2024

There are several ways Intuit keeps their Lacerte and ProSeries customers up to date on what's happening, be it program-specific, account-related, or an IRS event that may impact filing.

Find more on how to stay informed with our alert offerings:

Table of contents:

In-product notifications
For Lacerte
For ProSeries
Desktop notifications
My Account alerts
Intuit Accountants Community News and Updates

In-product notifications

Each of our tax products has a built-in notification system that delivers time-sensitive notifications directly into your workflow.

For Lacerte:

When a new in-product notification is released, you'll see a notification bar across the top of the program. Click on the notification to read the alerts. After you've read the information, you can dismiss it and the notification bar will disappear.

For ProSeries:

When a critical notification is released, you'll see a yellow notification bar across the top of the screen in ProSeries.

When a News notification is released, you'll see a blue pop-up window in the lower right corner of ProSeries. Click on the notification to read the information and to dismiss the notification.

You can review prior notifications at any time by going to the Information menu and selecting View Alerts.

  • The notification inbox will only show you alerts that were sent after the new system was released in January. To see alerts that were published in the prior alert system for tax year 21, click here.

Using your notification inbox:

  • They display in the order they're received, with the most recent notification at the top of the list.
  • At the top of each notification, you can see when it was sent.
  • Notifications are visually categorized as critical or informational.
    • 75 Critical Notification_ProSeries_US_Ex_1-3-2022.pngCritical notifications are marked with an exclamation mark in an orange circle.
    • 75 News Notification_ProSeries_US_Ex_1-3-2022.pngInformational notifications are marked with a lowercase letter “i” in a blue circle.
  • Notifications are also categorized as unread or read.
    • Unread notifications will have their titles displayed in bold font, while notifications you’ve read won't.
    • Click on a notification with your cursor to open it and use the “x” mark in the upper right corner of the notification to close it. Closing the notification will mark it as read.

New features available in ProSeries 2021:

  • Use 75 Select_ProSeries_US_Ex_1-3-2022.png at the top of the inbox to select all or multiple notifications to perform actions on.
  • Use 75 Filter_ProSeries_US_Ex_1-3-2022.png at the top of the inbox to filter notifications to see only critical, information, unread, bookmarked, or archived notifications.
  • Use75 Menu_ProSeries_US_Ex_1-3-2022.png at the bottom right corner of a notification to show additional options:
    • Bookmark saves a notification for later.
    • Mark as unread will revert a notification to unread.
    • Archive a notification you no longer wish to see in the default view.

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Desktop notifications

You can review your desktop notifications in the Tools Hub from the Alerts tab.

Desktop notifications provide critical information such as IRS alerts affecting filing, systems outages, etc for both ProSeries and Lacerte users. These alerts will appear as a toast notification on your desktop even if you are not in your tax software. This feature runs in the background of your system and will push a visual alert when Tools Hub is minimized. 

How do I turn off desktop notifications?

  1. Open the Tools Hub for either Lacerte or ProSeries.
  2. From within the Tools Hub, select the Alerts tab.
  3. On the Alerts tab, you may turn desktop notifications on/off by clicking the Desktop Notifications toggle in the top-right.

If the above steps are used to turn off desktop notifications, this will not impact the program-specific notifications you receive by way of in-product alerts.

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My Account alerts

A time-saving feature has been built into your ProSeries and Lacerte My Account experience. My Account alerts are user-friendly notifications focused on providing you with timely delivery of relevant account management information and/or actions required (account maintenance, billing, payment information, etc.). It provides a self-help option for you to take the necessary actions to ensure you are set up for a successful tax season.

Alerts will appear in My Account, allowing you to complete the action requested. Some actions may be restricted to specific My Account roles. For more information on My Account roles, click here.

Where are my alerts?

Your Alerts can be accessed from the My Account Dashboard by clicking on Alerts in the upper right portion of the window. Use the blue button to take action.


A list of all recent alerts can be accessed from the Dashboard by clicking Account and then View All Alerts at the top of the screen.


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Intuit Accountants Community News and Updates

On our Intuit Accountants Community, you can subscribe to email alerts for News and Updates. Click on the link below to see any current News and Updates:

To subscribe to News and Updates:

  1. Click on the link above to open the News and Updates for your program.
  2. If you're not already signed in, select Sign In from the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Enter your user ID and password to complete your sign-in.
  3. Select Options in the upper right, and then choose Subscribe.

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