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How to activate and e-file the NJ CBT-1065 in ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

Before you start:

  • Data entry and calculations for the NJ-CBT-1065 are done within the NJ Partnership Formset, the New Jersey CBT Return is simply for e-file data to be transmitted to the state taxing authority.
  • If you make changes to the New Jersey Partnership return be sure to open and save the NJ-CBT formset again.
  • Electronic Funds Withdrawal is available for the return and/or the extension. Use Part V on the NJ CBT-1065 Information Worksheet.
  1. Open the tax return to the Partnership Information Worksheet.
  2. Scroll down to Part VI - Electronic Filing Information. 
  3. Locate the New Jersey CBT line.
  4. Here you can check the boxes to mark the return, extension, or Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments for e-file.

Accessing the New Jersey CBT is similar to accessing a city formset.

  1. Open the Federal Return.
  2. From the File menu, select Go to State/City.
  3. Select the New Jersey Partnership and click OK.
  4. Once you're in the New Jersey Partnership return from the File menu select Go to State/City.
  5. Select the New Jersey CBT-1065 Return and click OK.

How do I e-file the NJ-CBT-1065 return, extension or estimated payments?

Before attempting to e-file the return be sure to open the New Jersey CBT-1065 Return and review the form as well as set up Electronic Funds Withdrawal as needed.

  1. Close the tax return.
  2. Open the EF Center HomeBase view.
  3. Find the client and look for the line that shows NJ CBT as the return type (or NJ CBT Pmt for estimated tax payments).
  4. Highlight the line that you need to e-file.
  5. From the E-File menu, choose Electronic Filing, then Convert/Transmit Returns/Extensions/Payments...
  6. Choose the Convert and Transmit selected returns/extensions/payments and click OK.

Other common questions on the NJ CBT-1065

New Jersey CBT-1065 fails to transmit, and the EF transmission log generate the following error:

"The CBT-1065 has not been completed. You may not file the CBT-1065 until it is completed. Verify that the CBT-1065 is required for your client and complete it if necessary. Return conversion failed."


How do I resolve this error?

To resolve this error, do the following:

  • Make sure NJ CBT is checked on the Federal Information Worksheet - Part VI.
  • Make sure NJ CBT-1065 is required to be e-filed.
    • For example, is there distributable income for each partner? If income/loss is equal to zero CBT-1065 may not need to be filed to New Jersey.
  • Make sure there's at least one nonresident partner. NJ-CBT-1065 is used to calculate a tax for nonresident partners and won't calculate when all resident partners of New Jersey.
    • Reference government instructions on NJ-CBT-1065 for additional information, or contact the New Jersey Department of Revenue for further guidance.

Additional information

New Jersey NJ-CBT-1065 is found in New Jersey's module, and CBT-1065 is located in a separate module for the state. To fully activate CBT-1065, click on Go To State from within New Jersey Partnership, and then click on New Jersey CBT-1065 from the Go To State screen.

The experience of opening CBT-1065 is similar to opening a New York and New York City return in which you click Go To State twice to access NYC.

When trying to e-file, New Jersey Form CBT-1065 fails return conversion. The following error generates in the program:

"New Jersey CBT-1065 Return: A valid account holder type is needed to file electronically.  Return conversion failed."


How do I resolve this error?

The error occurs when the checkbox to indicate ownership of bank account isn't selected.

Follow these steps to resolve the error:

  1. Open the client return.
  2. From the File menu, select Go to State/City.
  3. Select the New Jersey Partnership and click OK.
  4. Once you're in the New Jersey Partnership return, go the File menu and select Go to State/City.
  5. Select the New Jersey CBT-1065 Return and click OK.
  6. Scroll down to Part V.
  7. Locate the Payment Information section.
  8. For Check a box to indicate ownership of bank account, mark the applicable checkbox:
    • Business Account
    • Personal Account
  9. Save the return.
  10. Run Final Review.
  11. Try to e-file the NJ CBT-1065 again.

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