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Modifying your Intuit Hosting subscription

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

This article will show you how to change your Intuit Hosting subscription, as well as explain how those changes impact your account.

How will I be billed for subscription changes?

When you upgrade or downgrade your existing Intuit Hosting subscription, we'll prorate the price of your software based on the day you make the changes and your monthly billing date.

  • First, we calculate the charges due for your new subscription and prorate them for the remainder of your current billing period.
  • Then, we calculate any refund that may be due from your previous charge. For example, if you already paid for a full month of your old package, we'll prorate that charge so that you only pay for the days before you modified your subscription.

To upgrade your Intuit Hosting subscription:

To add seats to your Intuit Hosting subscription, see this article or call the Attach Sales Team at 1-844-818-5400.

Once purchased, you can use the Rightworks AppHub to assign your new seats to users using these instructions.

To downgrade Intuit Hosting your subscription:

To remove seats from your Intuit Hosting subscription, see this article or call the Attach Sales Team at 1-844-818-5400.

If all of your packages are currently assigned to a user, removing packages from your Intuit Hosting subscription will affect hosted access. We suggest using the Rightworks AppHub to remove users or unassign packages prior to reducing your hosting subscription using these instructions.

What happens when all available packages are assigned at the time that you downgrade removing one?

If you change your Intuit Hosting subscription to remove one seat while all of your available packages are assigned in the Rightworks AppHub:

  • A user will have to have a package removed from them because less are available, so the user who hasn't logged in to the hosted environment for the longest period will have their package automatically removed.
  • This user will no longer have access to the hosted environment until they have been reassigned a package.
  • The tax software and any other apps will be uninstalled for this user and would need to be reinstalled if they are reassigned a package.

What happens when I downgrade to remove a package that is not assigned?

Packages that are not assigned to a user are removed first when downgrading hosting users.

For example, if you have five hosting packages and only four are assigned at the time that you downgrade to paying for four, all four of those existing users who had packages assigned to them will still have the same packages and access as before. If you instead downgraded to paying for three, one of those existing users who previously had a package would be impacted as described above.

Managing your packages and add-ons paid to Rightworks

You must be logged in as either the Account Owner or an Account Admin to access these features.

  1. Sign in to the Rightworks AppHub.
  2. Go to the Admin Controls.
  3. Select the Packages & Add-ons tab.
  4. Choose Change Packages and Add-ons Inventory.
  5. Locate the box for the package or add-on you want to change and click the + or - until it reaches the number wanted.
  6. Scroll down to Save Changes.

If further assistance is needed changing packages or add-ons paid to Rightworks:

You may reach Rightworks Accounting Firm Solutions at 1-888-417-4448 x1 + Option x3. They're open Monday-Friday 9-5 ET.

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