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How to install the EasyACCT Information Return System

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 1 month ago

Before you start:

  • EasyACCT Professional Series, EasyACCT Business Series (EBS) and Information Return System can all be downloaded from your My Account.
  • EasyACCT Professional Series, EasyACCT Business Series (EBS) cannot be run on the same computer.
  • Many users purchase the Information Return System as a standalone product and is included in the cost of your EasyACCT Professional Series. If you use EasyACCT Business Services (EBS) you can purchase and use IRS as an add on.
  • or instructions on installing EasyACCT as a stand alone see here. For instructions installing EasyACCT on a Network see here.

Intuit issued CD's are only available for tax year 2023 and prior. For more information, including how to make your own CD, see here.

How to download the Information Return System:

  • You can download the Information Return System from My Account.
  • Users without Lacerte or ProSeries will need the email with the download link for access. Users won't see the URL. Instead, the link is labeled My Account and configured to point to the downloads page.
  • For detailed instructions regarding downloads, refer to: Download EasyACCT and Information Return System from My Account.

How to install the IRS program as a Stand Alone or Server:

  1. Close all applications.
  2. Sign in to My Account.
  3. Select the download for the Information Return System.
  4. Press CTRL+J to open your Downloads folder.
  5. Run the install file.
  6. In the Product Installation menu, select Information Return System.
  7. Follow the remaining on-screen steps to complete the installation.
  8. Restart your computer.

This section will assist you with installing the network version of Information Return System (IRS).

During the installation to the server, the workstation program setup files are copied to a network drive under IRS20YY, then Network. The installation file's name is Setup.exe.

Next, install each workstation on the network (must have server access):

  1. On the workstation, use the Windows Key+R on the keyboard, or go to the Start menu and Run.
  2. Enter the path to the exact folder location on the server where the setup file was saved (for example, X:\IRS2021\Network\Setup.exe).
  3. Select Install Network.
  4. When prompted to select the desired program options to install, choose the Network Setup Utility along with any other modules (if you selected Install Network, this utility is automatically selected).

After completion, IRS will be installed on this workstation. Repeat the process on each workstation that will be using EasyACCT.

Internet updates:

  1. Install the updates to the server. Once the server has been updated, close, and re-open the Information System on each workstation for the updates to be applied.
  2. Check the Shared Download Path to make sure current updating.

Share Information Return System data files:

  1. Go to System, then System Characteristics and select the drive/directory used for data storage.
  2. Enter the path to the data or select it from the dropdown. 
    • Default data path is: X:\IRS\20YY\DATA.

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