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Installing EasyACCT on a network

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Installing EasyACCT in a network environment will allow data sharing and save time on downloading and installing internet updates.

Before you start:

  • EasyACCT Professional Series, EasyACCT Business Series (EBS) and Information Return System can all be downloaded from your My Account.
  • EasyACCT Professional Series, EasyACCT Business Series (EBS) cannot be run on the same computer.
  • Many users purchase the Information Return System as a standalone product and is included in the cost of your EasyACCT Professional Series. If you use EasyACCT Business Services (EBS) you can purchase and use IRS as an add on.
  • For instructions on installing Information Return System see here. For instructions installing EasyACCT on a Stand Alone see here.

Step 1: Install EasyACCT to the server.

Follow these steps if you're installing EasyACCT from the internet:

  1. Close all applications.
  2. Sign in to My Account.
  3. Select the download for the version of EasyACCT you have purchased.
  4. Press CTRL+J to open your Downloads folder.
  5. Run the install file.
  6. In the Product Installation menu, select EasyACCT and click OK.
  7. On the Module Selection screen, select the EasyACCT Program and the Network Setup Utility.
  8. Follow the remaining on-screen steps to complete the installation.
  9. Restart your computer.

Step 2: Install EasyACCT at each workstation.

Follow these steps to install EasyACCT at a workstation:

  1. In the workstation, type Run into the Windows search.
  2. Select the Run application.
    • X:\ corresponds to the mapped network drive where the program was installed in "Step 1: Install EasyACCT to the Server."
  4. Follow the remaining on-screen steps to complete the installation.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each workstation.

Alternatively, you can install the program locally and continue to "Step 3: Sharing the data."

Step 3: Sharing the data.

  1. Open EasyACCT.
  2. On the Company Selection screen, select System and choose System Utilities.
  3.  Select System Characteristics.
  4. In the Path for Company Data field, input the shared location for EasyACCT data.
    • For example: X:\EASYW\DATA). 
  5. Switch to the Updates tab. 
  6. Make sure both boxes are checked. 
  7. Make sure the drive indicated for the Shared Download Path is the same as server. 
    • Indicate the network drive as the shared download path. 

Updates to the program should be performed at the server. When Automatic Check for Updates is enabled, the workstation will detect when updates are installed to the server and automatically download them to the workstation. 


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