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Payroll forms supported in EasyACCT and the Information Return System

SOLVEDby Intuit30Updated November 17, 2023

Below, you'll find all current payroll forms supported in EasyACCT's Information Return System.

Items marked with a * means e-filing is available.

W-2*Wage & Tax Statement
W-3Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements
940*Employer Annual FUTA Tax Return
941*Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
944*Employer Annual Federal tax Return
4562Depreciation and Amortization
4797Sale of Business Property
AZ*Arizona forms UC-018
CA*California forms DE 9 and DE 9C
CO*Colorado forms UITR-1 and UITR-1(a)
FL*Florida forms UCT-6, UCT-6A and UCS-3
GA*Georgia form DOL-4
IL*Illinois forms UI-3/40 and UI-40A
IN*Indiana Form UC-1 & UCE-SA
LA*Louisiana forms LWC ES-4c and LWC-ES61
MI*Michigan forms UIA 1028 and UIA 1017
MN*Minnesota forms DEED-1 and DEED-1D
MO*Missouri forms MODES-4-7 and MODES-10B
MS*Mississippi Form UI-2/3
NC*North Carolina forms NCUI 101 and NCUI 101-B
NJ*New Jersey forms NJ-927 and WR-30
NY*New York forms NYS-45, NYS-45-ATT, NYS-1 and MTA-305
OH*Ohio forms JFS-20127 and JFS-20128
OK*Oklahoma forms OES-3 and OES-3A
PA*Pennsylvania forms UC-2 and UC-2A
SC*South Carolina forms UCE-120 & UCE-120A
TN*Tennessee forms LB-0456 and LB-0851
TX*Texas forms C-3 & C-4
VA*Virginia forms VEC-FC-20 and VEC-FC-21
WA*Washington forms 5208-A and 5208-B
WI*Wisconsin forms UCT-101 and UCT-7823
W-2*Wage & Tax Statement
W-3Wage & Tax Statements
940Employer Annual FUTA Tax Return
941Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
944Employer Annual Federal Tax Return
4562Depreciation and Amortization
4797Sale of Business Property
W-2*Wage & Tax Statement
W-2C*Corrected Wage & Tax Statement
W-2GCertain Gambling Winnings
W-3Transmittal of  Wage & Tax Statements
W-3CTransmittal of Corrected Wage & Tax Statements
1096Transmittal of Information Returns
1098*Mortgage Interest Statement
1098-E*Student Loan Interest Statement
1098-T*Tuition Statement
1099-A*Acquisition/Abandonment of Property
1099-B*Broker/Barter Exchange Transactions
1099-C*Cancelation of Debt
1099-DIV*Dividends & Distributions
1099-G*Certain Government Payments
1099-INT*Interest Income
1099-LTC*Long-Term Care and Accelerated Death Benefits
1099-MISC*Miscellaneous Income
1099-NEC*Nonemployee Compensation
1099-OID*Original Issue Discounts
1099-PATR*Distributions from Cooperatives
1099-Q*Payments from Qualified Educational Programs
1099-R*Distributions from Retirement Plan
1099-S*Real Estate Transactions
1099-SA*Distributions from Medical Savings Account
5498IRA Contribution Information
5498-SAMedical Savings Account Information
940Employer Annual FUTA Tax Return
941Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
941-Sch DReport of Discrepancies
941-XAdjusted Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
943Return for Agricultural Employees
944Employer Annual Federal Tax Return
945Employer Annual Federal Tax Return
1094-CTransmittal of 1095-C
1095-CEmployer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage



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