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Payroll forms supported in EasyACCT and the Information Return System

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 6 months ago

Below, you'll find all current payroll forms supported in EasyACCT's Information Return System.

Items marked with a * means e-filing is available.

W-2*Wage & Tax Statement
W-3Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements
940*Employer Annual FUTA Tax Return
941*Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
944*Employer Annual Federal tax Return
4562Depreciation and Amortization
4797Sale of Business Property
AZ*Arizona forms UC-018
CA*California forms DE 9 and DE 9C
CO*Colorado forms UITR-1 and UITR-1(a)
FL*Florida forms UCT-6, UCT-6A and UCS-3
GA*Georgia form DOL-4
IL*Illinois forms UI-3/40 and UI-40A
IN*Indiana Form UC-1 & UCE-SA
LA*Louisiana forms LWC ES-4c and LWC-ES61
MI*Michigan forms UIA 1028 and UIA 1017
MN*Minnesota forms DEED-1 and DEED-1D
MO*Missouri forms MODES-4-7 and MODES-10B
MS*Mississippi Form UI-2/3
NC*North Carolina forms NCUI 101 and NCUI 101-B
NJ*New Jersey forms NJ-927 and WR-30
NY*New York forms NYS-45, NYS-45-ATT, NYS-1 and MTA-305
OH*Ohio forms JFS-20127 and JFS-20128
OK*Oklahoma forms OES-3 and OES-3A
PA*Pennsylvania forms UC-2 and UC-2A
SC*South Carolina forms UCE-120 & UCE-120A
TN*Tennessee forms LB-0456 and LB-0851
TX*Texas forms C-3 & C-4
VA*Virginia forms VEC-FC-20 and VEC-FC-21
WA*Washington forms 5208-A and 5208-B
WI*Wisconsin forms UCT-101 and UCT-7823
W-2*Wage & Tax Statement
W-3Wage & Tax Statements
940Employer Annual FUTA Tax Return
941Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
944Employer Annual Federal Tax Return
4562Depreciation and Amortization
4797Sale of Business Property
W-2*Wage & Tax Statement
W-2C*Corrected Wage & Tax Statement
W-2GCertain Gambling Winnings
W-3Transmittal of  Wage & Tax Statements
W-3CTransmittal of Corrected Wage & Tax Statements
1096Transmittal of Information Returns
1098*Mortgage Interest Statement
1098-E*Student Loan Interest Statement
1098-T*Tuition Statement
1099-A*Acquisition/Abandonment of Property
1099-B*Broker/Barter Exchange Transactions
1099-C*Cancelation of Debt
1099-DIV*Dividends & Distributions
1099-G*Certain Government Payments
1099-INT*Interest Income
1099-LTC*Long-Term Care and Accelerated Death Benefits
1099-MISC*Miscellaneous Income
1099-NEC*Nonemployee Compensation
1099-OID*Original Issue Discounts
1099-PATR*Distributions from Cooperatives
1099-Q*Payments from Qualified Educational Programs
1099-R*Distributions from Retirement Plan
1099-S*Real Estate Transactions
1099-SA*Distributions from Medical Savings Account
5498IRA Contribution Information
5498-SAMedical Savings Account Information
940Employer Annual FUTA Tax Return
941Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
941-Sch DReport of Discrepancies
941-XAdjusted Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return
943Return for Agricultural Employees
944Employer Annual Federal Tax Return
945Employer Annual Federal Tax Return
1094-CTransmittal of 1095-C
1095-CEmployer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage

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