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How to transfer forms 1099, W2, 940 and 941 from EasyACCT to the Information Return System

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

The transfer from EasyACCT only works if you are on the same version in both programs. For example, the 2021/2022 version of EasyACCT only transfers to the 2021 version of the IRS program.

Use the Information Return System (IRS) to edit, print and file forms electronically.  The program also provides forms that aren't supported in EasyACCT.

To transfer data from EasyACCT to the Information Return System (IRS):

  1. To transfer vendor information to create 1099s, vendors must be set up with IRS code and box selections and vendor payments entered.
  2. To transfer employee information to create W-2s, employees must have the Wage/Withholding screen completed, wages entered, and payroll posted.
  3. To begin the transfer go to EasyACCT Utilities and select W-2/1099 Transfer.
  4. In Company ID in the IRS program field, enter a Company ID which will be used in the IRS program. A new ID can be entered and the company will be set up automatically in the IRS program.
  5. Browse to the path where the data is to be stored in the IRS program (for example, C:\IRS2023\DATA).
  6. Select Continue to complete the transfer.

Form 940 and 941 are transferred separately using the steps below:

  1. Go to Print Reports > Tax Reports and select either the 940 (or 941).
  2. Select Print and then Begin Printing.
  3. Select the Transfer button to the right of the 940 (or 941) input screen.
  4. Enter the corresponding Company ID in the IRS program (or enter a new one).
  5. Enter or browse to the data path in the IRS program (for example, C:\IRS2023\DATA).
  6. Select Begin Transfer.

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