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How to generate a corrected Form 1099 or 1096 in EasyACCT

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

Follow these steps to generate a corrected 1099 or 1096:

Corrected 1099 and 1096 forms can be generated in the Information Return System (IRS).

Corrected Form 1099:

  1. Open the IRS and choose Return Preparation.  
  2. Select the company to process.
  3. Select Prepare Forms/Returns.
  4. At the Forms Selection screen, select the type of 1099 you wish to correct (for example, 1099-MISC) and select Accept.
  5. Using the Recipient's ID Number dropdown menu, select the 1099 form to correct.
  6. Choose Corrected from the right side of the screen.
  7. Select the type of correction:
    • Error Type 1 - Use to report incorrect money amounts, codes, checkboxes or addresses, or if the return was filed in error.
      1. EasyACCT creates a new 1099 (the 1099 is marked Corrected and has the date corrected next to it. Only the corrected copy will print).
      2. The corrected type indicated is C1.
      3. Enter the corrected amounts.
    • Error Type 2 - Use when there's no payee taxpayer ID number (TIN), an incorrect payee TIN, an incorrect name or address, or if the wrong type of return was originally filed.
      1. EasyACCT creates two new forms, a Corrected Type C2-1 and C2-2.
      2. C2-1 is used for forms filed in error. The originally reported payee, payer and recipient information are included and the dollar amounts are $0.00. The C2-1 form will be marked Corrected and dated on the printed copy.
      3. C2-2 is used to correct the payee information; all original dollar amounts are included. Enter corrections to the payee's information on this form.  The corrected box isn't checked on the printed copy, but is dated on the form.
    • Enter the Date Corrected in the box next to the type of error.
  8. Make the necessary corrections. Select Save and then Close.

Additional information

  • According to the instructions, the void box is only to be selected when a Form 1099 has been partially or incorrectly completed and then corrected on the same page before filed.
  • An X in the void box won't correct a previously filed return. The program doesn't select the box because you can correct any mistakes on the original form preparation screen before printing.
  • For more information, visit and refer to pages 7-8.

Corrected Form 1096:

  1. After processing the corrected 1099s, return to the Forms Selection screen.
  2. Select Form 1096.
  3. From the Type of Form field, select the 1099 that was corrected.
  4. To include only corrected forms, mark the checkbox to Only include corrected forms.
  5. Comments regarding corrections can be added in the Corrected Comments field in (the comments print in the margin of the printed Form 1096).

To print a corrected Form 1099 or 1096:

  1. At the System Navigator for Return Preparation, select Print Options, Print Forms.
  2. Select either the 1099 or Form 1096 and select Next.
  3. Select the copy to print.
  4. If printing the Form 1096, select the type of 1099 being reported.
  5. In the Other Options section, select the checkbox to Only include corrected forms and uncheck Suppress form printing if < minimum.
  6. Select Print.

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