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Setting up a strong password and 90 day password reset reminders

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At Intuit, the security of our products remains one of our top priorities. We are committed to helping safeguard customer information. Starting in tax year 2016, industry-wide standards established through the IRS Security Summit process require professional tax software vendors, including Intuit, to validate each individual user's identity and enforce a strong password that requires quarterly change.

These change improved the security of your account by requiring:

  • Passwords must be changed every 90-days.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when using a new device.
  • Email courtesy reminder to reset your password when it is within 14 days of expiring.
  • Prompt to improve the strength of existing and newly created passwords.

To change your password before it expires:

  1. Sign in to Intuit Account Manager with your current user name and password.
  2. Under Manage your account choose Sign in & security. 
  3. On the Password line click the right arrow to reach the Update your password screen.
  4. Enter a New password that meets all of the requirements listed on the screen.
    • The requirements will change from a red X to a green checkmark once met.
  5. Confirm your new password. 
  6. Enter your Current Password and click Save.

It's Time to Update Your Password

  • Your current password is not strong enough or has expired.  Please update your password to keep your account safe.
  • Strong passwords require 8 or more characters, upper and lowercase letters, a number, and at least 1 special character or symbol.

New Password Input Field

  1. Pop up message when entering the new password, "Create a password you've never used before.  This will help keep your account safe."
  2. As a password is created the following items will appear in red, with an x (as seen above).
    • use 8 or more characters
    • use upper and lower case letters (e.g. Aa)
    • use a number (e.g. 1234)
    • use a symbol (e.g. !@#$)
  3. As each requirement is met, the items will appear in green with a check mark.

  4. Once complete the following message will appear "Your password is STRONG

Confirm New Password - additional password field to confirm the new password has been entered correctly.

  • If the New Password does not match the Confirm New Password field the following message will appear.
    • Your passwords do not match.


Let's confirm your contact info.  Keeping your contact info up to date helps us verify your account and keep it safe.

  • Email address
  • Confirm email
  • Phone number (mobile phone - to receive a text containing your verification code)

Sign in to access ProSeries/Lacerte.  Please sign in using your My Account credentials.

Let's make sure this is you (when logging on from an unknown device)

  • We'll send you a code to verify your info.  This helps keep your account safe.  Choose one option:
    • Get a code texted to:
      • ******1111
    • Get a code emailed to:
      • e*****
    • Confirm my account a different way (takes longer)

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