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Sending service requests to Lacerte Support

by Lacerte Tax 2022 Updated 3 months ago

The Service Request email support tool in Lacerte lets you see an agent's response and your original question from inside the tax program. This means you never have to exit the tax program or login to My Account to get information about your requests. The benefit of this is that you can manage your requests from start to finish in one place—send a request, view it, update it, and get a response—all from within Lacerte.

Use the current year of Lacerte to submit in-product requests. The Service Request File Attachment screen allows for the selection of prior year returns to include with an email.

For complicated tax calculations or complex "How Do I" questions, phone support is generally needed. Refer to How to contact Lacerte for help. When learning features like e-filing, make sure to visit the Learning Academy.

Recommended questions for Service Requests include:

  • Amounts on a form or line
  • Schema rejects
  • e-file rejects
  • Client letters
  • Basic "How Do I" questions

To contact support by submitting a service request: 

  1. Go to the Tools menu.
  2. Select Communications.
  3. Select Service Requests/Lacerte Email.
    • You can also quickly access this window by selecting the View Service Request History button  on the main toolbar.
  4. To create a new Service Request, select one of the following options from the dropdown.
    • New Request
    • New Request + Attachment (this will let you attach a client or file)
  5. In the New Service Request window, select the applicable Product and Category.
  6. Enter your name, email address and subject.
  7. In the Details field, enter the details of your issue.
    • If applicable, include the form or schedule, line number(s), results versus expectations, and any supporting documentation you may be referencing.
  8. Select Submit.
  1. From the Tools menu, select Communications.
  2. Select Service Requests/Lacerte email.
  1. In the Submit Service Request window, select the Attach dropdown.
  2. Select Attach Client or Attach File to attach a non-client file from the dropdown.
  3. In the File Attachment window, select the appropriate Tax Year, Tax Program, and Data Path.
  4. Select the client file you'd like to attach to the email.
  5. Either select the highlighted client or select OK.
  6. In the Select Attachment Security window, select either:
    • Remove Privacy Information from attached Clients(s): This is used most often. Your client's private information will be replaced with generic numbers and descriptions while all calculations remain intact.
    • Encrypt Attached File(s) and leave Privacy Information intact: This is required when troubleshooting e-file rejections. All e-file and client data will remain intact.
  7. Select Submit.
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