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What Bear Market?

Level 15

Has anyone else noticed that H&R Block shares are up 28% this week? When I have no other good ideas about what to do with my money, I’ll buy some of it for the 4% dividend and another 10% to 20% annual yield on covered call options. So last week I bought some at $25.45 and got back $1 of that by writing a June option at $26. This week it rose to $28 on a favorable earnings report, and today it is up to almost $32. Takeover candidate?

It will cost me $1 to roll the June 26 call to an October 28 call. Usually the stock peaks about this time of year, and then declines to the start of the next tax season. This is the highest it has been since 2015, when it hit $35.

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Level 15

There are two stocks in the world that I would never buy.  I won't mention names but they rhyme with Schlock and Inuit.  Everybody else can try to get rich off of them, but I just don't have the intestinal fortitude to invest in either one.

Slava Ukraini!