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The End is Near!!

Level 8

I see the light and I'm moving toward it.  It may be  a train, but at this point it would be welcome. 

In all seriousness, thanks very much to all those who take the time out of their busy schedules to answer questions on this forum.  It's a great resource and a community made-up of highly experienced professionals.  I very much appreciate the opportunity to come here if I have a need and to share if I know the answer.  While I'm not completely done, I'm close and wanted to take a minute to extend my good wishes to all of you.  See you over the summer.  🙂

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Level 15

Let me know if it’s the train - I’m going to jump in front of it   Luckily I was ahead of the game in February and early March or I would be looking for ways to end the misery now.  I would like to have more out the door by Tuesday than I will but I guess that is why God created extensions.

I’ll be seeing you around after Tuesday.  The various sprays that Intuit has used to keep me out isn’t effective on coyotes 😁

Slava Ukraini!