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Remote TurboTax Live expert

Received a number of emails from Intuit regarding the remote TurboTax Live expert application. Did anyone have any experience in working with the Intuit tax expert network? Any good? Many thanks for your comments!

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I spoke with someone yesterday who had done it. He said it was interesting. The job is to help TT users with the program. The job is not to offer tax advice. One of the stories was to figure out what the user did wrong to get where they are (answered yes to some question that should have been no) and how to correct that. 

I know it is not for me, but if the hourly rate looks okay to you, give it a try. Report back if you do it. 

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns

@George4Tacks Many thanks for your valuable comments and insight. I will keep you posted If I decide to sign on.

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I have aloso received such Emails and the advice I have received from my fellow tax preparers is to stay clear from it.

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Did any of them say why you should stay clear from it?

I am also thinking of joining the team.

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Did those advising stay clear offer any reason(s) for their advice?

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I don't have any experience with it, but some people on another forum mentioned that TaxAct has similar positions and pay more.