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paper filing Form 1040

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ProSeries prints page 1 and 2 on the same page. When paper fiing, should they be on the same page or on two pages (or front and back)?

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You can paper file it either way.

Great to have you in the community. In ProSeries, if you were to type in the search box in the bootom right for Basic or upper right for Pro and click Ask, it would bring up this article for you:

Printing ProSeries 1040 in 2018


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Agree with @TAXOH .

As for your question about front and back, I'd never file a return printed in duplex (even back in the days before e-filing).  It is not clear whether the IRS can actually process returns in duplex and, if they can, it will likely be a manual process, whcih could increase the chance of certain pages getting missed out.

I'd sacrifice the trees to please the IRS.

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In the olden days, when IRS sent out forms booklets, the 1040 page 1 and 2, and some other schedules, were printed on 2 sides. If you hand filled your return and sent those forms in, they could proces it. Nowadays though I bet you would be asking for trouble/notices.

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Either  Way would be acceptable

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