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Mortgage Insurance for a Home Office in 2022

Level 15

The provision to treat Mortgage Insurance as Mortgage Interest expires for 2022.

While there is a good chance Congress will do their traditional retroactive renewal, let's say it is NOT renewed.

Is it still a deduction on 8829 for a Home Office for 2022?  It wouldn't be listed as mortgage interest, but to me it still seems like a business expense (perhaps an "other" deduction on the 8829).

The 2022 Draft instructions for 8829 just say it has expired, but nothing else about it.

Any thoughts? 


P.S.:  I normally wouldn't care until January, but I specifically need to figure this out in the next couple of days.


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Level 9

IMO it would be an 8829 expense divided per year  then allocated % of business use of home.

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Level 7

First and foremost, I would treat it as business insurance and go at it that way.

You might look back to a year when such extender was not granted and see what the 8829 instructions said at that time.

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Level 15

Wouldn't some of it depend on the purpose of the mortgage?  Was it a refinance so money could be pulled out to buy a boat, or pay tuition?  And how about the interest itself.  Is it limited on Schedule A, because of the amount?  But do those limits also apply to Form 8829?

Not a big issue for me because clients who don't want to claim the standard allowance, I send down the street.  But in these parts, it usually doesn't make much difference.  

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