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I owed IRS for taxes back in 2016. I Entered into payment agreement and made a final payment of over 1700.00.  The check cleared my account back in November and my account with IRS kept showing the payment was in pending status. Now today I checked my account through IRS to see if they applied it to my account yet and they don’t show this payment now at all and now my account shows I owe more because of fees. The money has still cleared my bank account and I took screen shot to show proof but has this happened to anyone else? 

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As others will point out, this isn't the place to come for civilian questions, but this subject was covered today by a California CPA, James Counts, who sends out daily reports to a practitioner mailing list:

More Update on IRS Delays in Posting Payments to Taxpayers' IRS Accounts
I received from readers some more information of examples of the IRS receiving a payment but taking a long time to record the payment to a taxpayer's account. Because of this delay in recording the payments the IRS is sending out notices asking for payment of the taxes.
The examples of what I have received are:
From one CPA:
    1.    Form 1040 - payment made 10/8 check cleared 10/20.  1st notice dated 11/2, payment not reflected. 2nd notice dated 12/5, payment reflected.
    2.    Form 1041 - extension payment made 7/9 and cleared on 9/23, balance on return made 8/22, cleared 11/12. Just received a notice 12/7 and they have not adjusted all the penalties and interest.
    3.    Form 1040 - payment made 7/10 check cleared 7/16. Notice dated 8/17 payment not reflected. 11/6 notice reflected payment finally
From a professional fiduciary (I have no dates on when payments sent etc):
Two trust clients that the checks were cashed. Then myself...no checks (cashed by IRS) have been credited to my account and today a letter to levy. It's the worst I've ever seen in my fiduciary practice.
So my suggestion at this stage is to closely review any notices from the IRS and check to ensure all payments are reflected and the dates of any payments are properly reflected along with any possible penalties computed correctly based on the actual payment amounts and dates.


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I call last week at IRS, they tell me, the time of procesing is 30-45 days, they reveived money at instant, but appear at account 30-45 day after. 

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And please note: searching the web and going to the IRS Website resources, is better than asking any Community Forum on the internet that you happened to find, since the IRS is in charge of everything you asked or seem to be concerned about. That's why the IRS keeps updating their info.



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