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Expert Witness/Research

Level 3

TP is a university professor. He teaches but also has a specific area of expertise where he has published works.  He was contacted by AGs in 3 separate states to research and provide expert information a topic in his area of expertise.  He never appeared before a jury or judge but submitted the information to the respective AGs as an expert witness.  

He has very little, almost nothing, in the way of expenses.  So far what he has provided are a few trips to libraries using public transportation, paper and internet usage.  And of course very little in the way of tracking the expenses.

Are there any other expenses that could apply to this work?

All thoughts and suggestions are welcome.



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Level 15

Like I tell my own clients, I don't follow them around all day to know what they have for expenses.  I tell them to list out whatever they think might be deductible and I'll throw out whatever isn't legit.  Based on what your guy is doing, it doesn't sound like he is going to generate a ton of expenses to offset that revenue.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

Ask about lexus/nexus or other subscriptions to resources.

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