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I am trying to e-file 2 returns.  I'm getting that the filing failed pre-submission validation.  and it is a duplicate SS #.  That is NOT the case.  I need help in e-filing these returns today.


I have been on hold for 2 hours now trying to resolve this issue.  Your EF problem is NOT resolved.

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Level 15

Could your client have used the non-filer site to get the stimulus back a few months ago? 

That will kick it back as duplicate SSn before its even transmitted to IRS.


I have been waiting on a call back for over two and half hours.  I have a client who's federal return shows being received at Lacerte but the states show "Transmission Failed."  Why does Lacerte have problems every tax filing deadline day.  Why do they do not have enough people to answer the phone.  What a horrible tax software company.  What happens when they don't call back and these returns don't have a efile date of 10/15.  The taxpayer owes both states.  Is Lacerte going to pay failure to file on time penalties?

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That is NOT the case.

You DO NOT know that - even if YOU didn't file using your client's SSN, the client may have (see Lisa's post), OR it's a legit mistake, OR identity theft.

I don't recall any issues on 7/15 or on 9/15 (check out what happened  with Thompson Reuters)... so maybe retract that really wide paint brush you are using to tar & feather Intuit.  

And no, I'm not the biggest fan of Inuit nor do I work for them. 

"Tax software is no substitute for a professional tax preparer"

Lacerte has continued to go down hill.  What company makes you wait hours for customer service to call you back.  Yesterday is not one time occurrence.  This is an ongoing problem during tax season and has been for years.  Not sure how long you have been with Lacerte, but this is not the first time their system crashed on the filing deadline.  

Lisa's comment does not address my problem.  The returns were not rejected.  The error said "Transmission Failure."  The federal return showed "Received at Lacerte."  My error had nothing to do with filing for a stimulus or identity theft.  It had to do with Lacerte not having the right things in place to ensure their e-file system did not crash.  

Any recommendation for a new tax software company that converts Lacerte data accurately would be greatly appreciated.

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1) Yesterday may not have been the only time, but it's been YEARS since Lacerte had an issue on filing day

2) Thompson Reuters had a similar problem on 9.15.20.

3) My Lacerte customer ID is FIVE numbers - so I've used Lacerte for longer than I want to admit 🙂

Good luck with finding ANY software in this day and age that doesn't occasionally have issues.  Yes the customer service/support function sucks & has gone downhill, badly downhill in recent years.  The software is still great.


"Tax software is no substitute for a professional tax preparer"