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2022 business tax returns have changed since filing

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I am an EA in CA.  I typically will call Franchise Tax Board to verify CA payments made by business entities, particularly with PTE.


FTB verifies me in order to give out this information by asking for line items from the prior year tax return.  This year I would be asked for 2022 line items.


With three different entities, two LLCs and one S corp, my numbers in the software for a tax return filed did not match the FTB records.


I use a secure file share and give clients a pdf copy of their tax return when filed. 


By looking at the pdf copy of the entities tax return and comparing it to the software, I can see that my software now does not match what has filed.  This means that some Proseries update has changed the numbers in the efiled tax return. 


I find this unacceptable.

I wanted to warn other preparers.

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"I wanted to warn other preparers"

That has been happening for years ---- the other preparers already are aware of the potential issue.

Slava Ukraini!

"This means that some Proseries update has changed the numbers in the efiled tax return. "

Doesn't such change have to happen after the 8879 is signed, the return is printed to your files and BEFORE the actual e filing?

I always print a file copy with file 8879s, have the client sign them, then match the numbers on the 8879 during the E-file wizard process. If they don't match, then I don't file and investigate.

I use Lacerte.

...a minute later....I see what you mean.  Yes, that is never acceptable, and it has been one reason I want more disclosure and how calculations and forms are changed by updates.  I gave up asking. (ProFx does a good job at sharing information.)


BTW, use MyFTB online accounts to avoid phone calls.


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