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ProSeries top content and resources for the April 18th deadline

Community Manager
Community Manager

Below are the top articles and resources for the week leading up to the April deadline.

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Help with Electronic Filing (attaching a PDF, deadlines and extensions):

Disaster area tax relief available:

  • Some areas in California, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and New York may qualify for a disaster related tax extension. See here for more details.

Schedule D, stock and other transactions, Form 8949


Amended returns:


Rental properties and Form 8582


Form 1099, PPP, and more...


Forms 1095/8962


Schedule K-1/K-2/K-3

Common e-file rejections:

  • REJ001 - This is a generic state rejection that happens if the federal return is rejected. Correct the federal rejection and re-submit both the Federal and State returns. 
  • F8962-070 - If the taxpayer, spouse, or dependents enrolled in the marketplace, even if they never activated their policy, the marketplace may have issued them a 1095-A. If the return is e-filed without the 1095-A the IRS will reject the return until the 1095-A is enteredIf the taxpayer is unsure have them contact HealthCare.gov to search for all the SSN's on the tax return.
  • R0000-500-01 or R0000-503-02: This rejection happens if the name of the Taxpayer or Spouse on the return does not match the IRS records, this could be due to a recent name change. Verify the spelling of the name and the Social Security Number matches their current social security card. 
  • IND-181-01 or IND-183-01: This rejection happens when the taxpayer or spouse is missing the IPPIN. See here for more details. 
  • IND-180-01: This rejection happens if the IPPIN entered is either not for the current tax year, or incorrect. See here for more details. 
  • F1116-004-02: This error happens if there is a Foreign Tax Credit Carryback or Foreign Tax Credit Carryover and the 1116 Schedule B has not been added to the PDF attachments. See here for details. 


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