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ProSeries Tax Year 2023 Early Release is now live!


ProSeries Tax Year 2023 Early Release is now live!*

*If you use Intuit Hosting ProSeries Early Release will be available next week. 

Learn about Prerequisites and installing here: ProSeries early release program
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While our Intuit development teams conduct rigorous and extensive testing, it is impossible to duplicate all of our user’s unique environments and setups. For that reason, we do an Early Release (formally 'beta')  each year to test the product in customer environments prior to General Availability. This allows us to address common issues our users may face.

This is an early release of the ProSeries product. As such it will allow you to get an early jump on Tax Year 2023 and can be updated to the full General Availability release in November without the need to reinstall. The Early Release will have Tax Year 2023 draft forms only and cannot be used to complete any final returns. Also because this is an early release, some functionality/features that will not yet be available. 

In summary:

  • Early product release to customers that have already received their Tax Year 2023 license
  • No need to uninstall, product will update to the HeadStart release in November
  • Draft Tax Year 2023 forms as well as some early release states will be available for download
  • Provide feedback about the ProSeries Early Release by clicking here and choose Join the Group to join the discussion on community

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