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Honestly the organizer in Proconnect is horrible. I spend hours doing my own organizer so it looks better and has more information for my clients. I am embarrased to use the one in proconnect. 

Implemented: Phased roll-out. 
Prior year worksheets have been released and we're continually adding improvements to this feature. Thanks again for your feedback! 

Status: Phased roll-out: Implemented
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I paid for Lacerte for years, but sold my practice and only do less than 50 returns per year now. I tried Lacerte pay-per-return, but it was insanely expensive. Certainly not worth it. Adding a decent printable organizer is something that ANY professional tax software should provide. ProConnect still lacks many advantages of Lacerte, but at the price they charge for returns (or even an extension!), this is not too much to ask, and certainly would not justify a hefty price increase. With the amount of returns I do now, and even as complex as they are, I could get by with other Intuit tax software for less (some FREE) that also do not provide an organizer.

Seriously, if they took the time to create a crappy e-organizer, they could have just integrated Lacerte's organizer and been done with much better results. I would have paid an extra $5 per return for that!

Level 2

We converted from Lacerte to ProConnect and the organizer is our biggest complaint.  To the point we are seriously considering leaving.  The ProConnect organizer should mirror the Lacerte organizers!  My clients complain about not being able to get an organizer or that what they get only shows the tax income forms they had last year and does not give them the proforma for itemized deductions or rental schedules.

Level 2

I have asked and complained when theTax year 2021 lacerate style blank client organizer pdf files answer was “no” for the “Lacerate” organizer to be incorporated into Proconnect every year FOR OVER A DECADE!!!

The policy change to charge for preparation of prior year returns a couple years ago rubbed salt in the wound and the SIGNIFICANT price increase this year for Proconnect is OBSCENE.  Given the lousy first line support, Organizer problem mentioned above, and current price increase I always spend tome shopping and when I find an acceptable solution, I will bail unless these issues are addressed by Intuit.  

Sadly, I often spend wasted hours on the phone with support while they flounder and often end up solving my own problem and teaching them about the software!

I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices for “Lacerate” and hope Intuit finally gets the memo and corrects course to fix the organizer and other problems mentioned…


Level 15

@swarren69  "often end up solving my own problem"

When you solve the problem of finding software that suits your needs, please don't leave until you tell us where you're going. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs more info

For those who haven't already, please comment below the features you'd like to see prioritized as we review the functionality of the ProConnect organizers. 
We thank you for your time and insights!! 

Level 2

The e-organizer (although many of my clients don't want to have to electronically do this, they prefer paper) would be somewhat sufficient if the individual simply had tax forms to document all income or deductible expenses.  However, the e-organizer is awful and does not provide any assistance for clients with Schedule C income, Schedule E rentals, itemized deductions, etc.  The clients need a listing of income and expenses specifically that they had the previous year as even just a checklist of whether they have covered all of their bases.  The e-organizer only says "upload all of your Schedule C income and expenses" or "upload of of your rental income and expenses for this property".  The clients need the specific details/placeholders.  For example, 2020 rental income $xxx,xxx with a space to enter 2021 for the same.  2020 Homeowners insurance $x,xxx and enter 2021. 2020 Repairs $xx,xxx and enter 2021.  They need the previous year's numbers for a frame of reference.  The Lacerte organizers were fantastic for this.  Our clients are left floundering when it comes to data they have to compile themselves with no organizer/checklist since it is not reported on an IRS form.  We're paying just about the same now for PTO as we were with Lacerte but getting less for it.

Returning Member

The organizer is absolutely unacceptable.  I would be embarrassed to send it to my clients.  This shouldn't be too complicated to fix.  In the current form it is basically a list of documents needed.  

I was told ProConnect is basically the online version of LaCerte.  If that is a true statement then it shouldn't be hard to replicate the programming for that organizer into ProConnect.

Level 3

The organizer "should" have the following:

1. Basic Questions about last year. Did you have cryptocurrency, get married, sell property etc. 

2. An area for there current year contact information 

3. Dependent information

4. Last year information should be listed for all income and expense fields

5. Income fields

6. Schedule A fields; Property taxes, Mortgage insurance, chartable contributions etc.

7. Day Care Expenses field

8. Schedule C; Income and Expenses 

9. Business Use of Home 

10. Auto/Mileage 

11. Schedule E; Rental Income and Expenses etc.

13. Schedule D.  

12. Blank area they can fill in with additional information or questions. etc. etc.

Anything that they can have on a tax return should be available on the organizer.


It should populate based on what they had last year. If they don't have a schedule C then the schedule C information shouldn't show up on there organizer. We also should have the ability to print a blank organizer. 



Level 15

"...it shouldn't be hard to replicate the programming for that organizer into ProConnect.

True, but then you'd have to pay Lacerte prices.  The bells & whistles - that's what Intuit uses to differentiate the programs. 

Returning Member

The ProConnect organizer is very weak.  It would be nice if the ProConnect organizers were similar to the Lacerte organizers which list prior year items and amounts and produces the appropriate worksheets based on the prior year returns and the organizer could be saved in pdf form.  Majority of my clients don't want to upload their information, they want to compile their information with the help of the organizer.  Especially clients with small businesses (sch C) or rental property (sch E), they prefer to have a form with prior year information to help them organize their current year information.

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