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Modify tax return Client Letters in ProConnect Tax Online

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Modify tax return Client Letters in ProConnect Tax Online


Please add an ability to modify Client Letters: add notes, content, extra default paragraphs for clients (similar to Lacerte and CCH Profx). Current situation is if we want to add any message for clients, we have to prepare a separate Client Letter and then attach it to pdf file.

Workarounds such as:

- maintaining a sample Client Letter requires updating refund/tax due numbers for each return, which is extremely inconvenient. 
- editing in pdf itself does not work either due to unique PTO font used, so I have to manually retype PTO letters.

Ability to modify Client Letters would save A LOT OF TIME spent in assembling final tax return pdf files. 

Thanks for your idea, comments and votes. This idea has been Implemented. 

Select this article to learn more: Creating and using custom client letters in ProConnect Tax

Status: Implemented
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Level 1

AGREE!  I logged in specifically to make this suggestion.  I hadn't thought about attaching a pdf.  I sent a separate email which can be confusing for the cleint, and me. 😐

Returning Member

Please add "The taxpayer is eligible to make a Roth IRA contribution of $XXXX.  The spouse is eligible to make a Roth IRA contribution of $XXX"

Level 2

Simple edits to the client letter template such as:

  • Instructions on how to check the status of a refund
  • How many years to keep records
  • Instructions for mailing or paying online if the client has a balance due (both Fed and state)
Level 1

We would love to have a way to edit the cover letter, especially with amended returns.  The letters do not print correctly on amended returns for our state and we have to cross out the sections that don't apply and hand write (or use Adobe to edit) the correct amount/instructions.  Also for IRA contributions, we get many calls from clients that say "I already made my IRA contributions why are you telling me to do it again?"

Level 1

The language in the ProConnect client letters is so poorly written and inappropriate, I delete them before sending to clients.  For example, why tell your very own client to distribute their K-1 to themselves....if you are preparing their tax return?

Instead, I use standard email templates with proper instructions.


New Member

Agree to all of the above!! 

Lou Czerwinski
Level 1

Absolutely agree.  Also being able to make the invoice part of the document package or being able to generate it like the 8879 and the return itself and send it to link as opposed to having to create, save and then upload the invoice would be great.

Returning Member

This was first posted over a year ago and has been under review for eight months?!?       The wording also needs to be updated to reflect IRS rulings and to cover the tax preparer companies who prepare a return from client information.

Level 2

Please add this!!! 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

This is has been accepted.
The team is currently doing discovery work to bring this idea to life! Thanks, all! 

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