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Personal Depreciation / S-Corp Return

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What tax forms need to be filed for reimbursement of depreciation from S-Corp to Individual?  

I have a client who owns an LLC taxed as an S-Corp.

They are being reimbursed depreciation expense for: 

1) Their personal vehicle they use for work.

2) A portion of their home - for their home office space.

The LLC was taxed as an SMLLC in 2021, and both the amounts are based on the form 4562 and previous year's Schedule C Depreciation schedule.

 Does my client need to complete the depreciation schedules on their personal return? 
Or - are there similar forms that are needed to be filed by the S-Corp? 
Or - do we just have them take the expense, and keep the backup on how the calculations were made?


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No forms need to be filed on any tax returns.

But in order to possibly be part of an Accountable Plan, the Individual person needs to 'substantiate' the amount by giving the employer some type of 'proof' of the amount.

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accountable plan

The IRS has great resources, and others such as:



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