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New ProConnect user questions - Audit Checks, Global Settings?

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I'm coming from Lacerte, transitioned to ProConnect for the 2022 tax season. There are some differences I wasn't expecting, so I'm trying to see if the options aren't available in ProConnect, or if I am just missing them. 

1) I always used the "audit check" (marks) in Lacerte. Thats where, in forms view, you would click an amount and it would show a green or red checkmark. This indicated that an amount was reviewed. I do not see a way to do this in ProConnect. If I clock on an amount, it immediately links back to the input.

2) Is there a place for global settings. I want every return to print in all capital letters. I found the place to set this in each individual return, but it would be much better if there was a global setting to do this for all returns.


Thanks all!

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Level 15

You took a few, or more, steps down when you switched to ProConnect.

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Haha... I'm guessing the answer to those questions is no then.

It made sense. Went out on my own, not enough clients for Lacerte to make sense, but wanted to stay with something that felt familiar this tax season. 

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