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Is it possible to automatically rename files uploaded by the client through Intuit Link?

Level 2

Ideally, it would just append a number (and possibly a letter if there's more than one document submission, i.e. "01a - client doc name", "01b - client doc name") to the front of a file uploaded by a client in response to a specific Intuit Link request. This way, if the document name itself contains useful info/labelling from the client, it won't be lost.

Even just the ability to fully rename any uploads to a specific question would be helpful, though. In this case, multiple uploads would just have the automatic (#) at the end to designate a different file with the same name (i.e. "01 - W2", "01 - W2 (1)").

I'm hoping to have a way to functionally pre-sort by name any documents a client provides through Intuit Link, but I'm not sure if this feature even exists. I haven't found it on my own yet.

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Level 15

You can always suggest a product enhancement.  In time (perhaps a long time), your wish may come true.

More practically, you should consider downloading these file for safekeeping.  You can then name and index them using your preferred convention.

Never treat Intuit Link as your DMS because it is not designed to be one.  Intuit had decided previously to delete previous years' folders; that caused a bit of a stir as many had to scramble to download and index their client files as well as discussion threads en masse.

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