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Intuit Link Warning - No way to disable personalized document checklist

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I have discovered that for all returning clients, Intuit link forces a personalized document checklist based on previous year's return. This action sits at a higher protocol than any version of document template, and cannot be disabled. The only course of action is to delete the personalized items and manually add the ones you need—line by line—in each and every intuit link client request. Additionally, if the initial template is sent without the checklist, and the checklist added later, the "use template" dropdown box is empty, and no templates can be selected, and the personalized questions persist. This is a huge time and efficiency kill for anyone with returning clients who work multiple 1099 jobs or have annually changing circumstances. 

Specifically, this is my entire client base, as a tax pro specializing in taxes for qualified performing artists.

An hour on the phone with support yielded no solution, as they were also unable to find a way to disable it.  


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For many reasons, Intuit Lin is not useful as an organizer.  Checklist is also woefully inadequately because it leaves a lot of gaps for due diligent considerations.

If you must use Intuit Link, I'd upload my own organizer for your client to download and complete.  Intuit Link can then function more as your secure portal for gathering tax documents and OSI, with the details coming from properly completed organizers.

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