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Importing a prior year 1040 to set up a new client

Level 5

Anyone has import prior year 1040 return from pdf file?

I have just noticed when I create new client, you can import prior year return.

So you only can import when you create new client?

If I created new client and send them the invitation and engagement letter, but have not imported their prior year’s tax, can I still import?


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Level 15

You can't import last year's tax return from a pdf into the software

Level 5


just to confirm, yes you can import information from prior year's return from pdf file.

When you creat new custome, the import option pop up.

The prior year tax data will be show in tax summary for comparison.





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I have but only because I got hard copy scanned to pdf first before creating new client since the client's local.  

But I too would like the answer to still importing prior year tax after creating new client for remote clients.  How can you do that since you have to create new client to be able to get their prior tax return remotely to the portal? 

There needs to be a fix for that.  

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Level 5

Thanks for sharing.

It seemed only chance can import pdf copy is when you create the new Client.

After the new client created,  you can see prior year's from Tax Summary.


Hope they can make this import more easy after the new client created.






below is the scree of create new client:

Create their client profile and 2023 return
by importing their prior-year 1040


We’ll handle the client and dependent info, and we'll make sure you're all set for year-over-year comparisons.

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