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Deferral of Household Employee Tax Schedule H

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Taxpayer has COVID-related deferral of SE tax for self-employment income but does not wish to defer Schedule H taxes.  Input screen on Schedule SE links Schedule SE and H so cannot provide -1 entry; however, Schedule H does provide override field for portion of employer social security tax attributable to 3/27/20 - 12/31/20.  When I use $0 in this override it has no effect.  When I use $1 is limits the deferral to $1.  I need to limit the deferral to $0.  I have tried various combinations of the override question on Schedule SE "Amount of Schedule SE or H taxes to defer to 12/31/21 or 12/31/22" with no success.

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What you see on Sch H and page 2 of Sch SE are only amounts that may be deferred.  You'll see that these amounts don't go anywhere on the return, when these should flow to Sch 3 (if deferral is elected).

If your client would like to defer these payroll taxes, you need to make the input under Taxes > Other Taxes > Self-Employment Tax (Schedule SE) and check the box for Elect to defer maximum allowed amount of Schedule SE or H taxes to 12/31/21 or 12/31/22.

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