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Batch Extensions in ProConnect?

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I personally don't understand why this isn't a feature yet in ProConnect. Batch extension filing for clients (at least for larger firms) is crucial to the ease of mind for preparers and clients come tax season. This is one of the main drawbacks for our firm by using ProConnect and there has not been a solution offered yet. Many of our clients enjoy the extended deadline for their tax return. The fact that we have to extend each of our hundreds of clients manually makes this process cumbersome and painful. Please for the love of all things holy add this as a feature. Heck I'd pay for this feature as an extra! (I really don't want to but would if I really had to)

Please take my plea for help and swiftly provide a solution. At the very least, work with a partner that can import/export the data so they can file it for you.


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I think part of the motivation is that they would like you to use the higher price spread - Lacerte. 


Same basic engine, but workflow is much better with Lacerte. It, combined with Right Networks or other cloud works may be appealing to you.


Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the idea. We are changing the status to "Open for voting" since it is no longer considered "New". If you have any questions on the life cycle of an idea, check out our Idea Getting Started Guide for more information.

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You can send extensions in the EF Center.

Just go into each return and makes sure each extension is ready, then go into the EF Center and highlight all the extension you want to efile then click EF Now. 

It's pretty easy.

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