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Refund not received

Level 1

I filed a tax return and IRS had not received in 6 months so I faxed a return to the Professional tax line, because I believed it was lost.


I did not mark the second one amended, I see now there is a change on one of the forms.  I am getting nowhere with IRS.  Does anyone have an idea to get this refund?




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Level 15

Was there something on the return that prevented e-filing?  

You have now filed two tax returns.  All you can do is have patience.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

"Does anyone have an idea to get this refund?"

Stop making it worse. The IRS tells us to Wait until they get to the backlog. Everyone that keeps sending it in again is creating a worse backlog. You now have a duplicate filing condition.

Are you signed up for the IRS e-newsletters where they tell you about this stuff?

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